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New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs (3 booklets)

New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs  has a wealth of information on metabolic conditions including galactosemia. See below:

Understanding Galactosemia – an introductory guide for educators, featuring a basic description of galactosemia, suggested teaching strategies, classroom management ideas, and additional resources.

Galactosemia: Resources for Educators – a detailed guide for educators with in-depth information about galactosemia, about special challenges for students with the condition, and featuring information about therapies, classroom environment, lesson planning, teaching technologies, and other resources.

GSeeME – a website for educators with students who have galactosemia.  The site includes a description of galactosemia, details about children’s special dietary needs, teachers’ classroom strategies, parent-teacher communication ideas, and other resources.

Galactosemia Foundation

Previously known as "Parents of Galactosemic Children Inc.", the Galactosemia Foundation's goal is to educate, support, and provide advocacy for those individuals affected by galactosemia.

Understanding Galactosemia - A Diet Guide

Understanding Galactosemi - A Diet Guide (PDF) provides information about galactosemia as well as information to manage the diet, galactose content in foods and tools for meal planning.


Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas Department of State Health Services offers a Galactosemia food card with "ok" foods and other dietary information for individuals with galactosemia.


Genetic Home Reference

Learn more about the genetics of galactosemia at Genetic Home Reference

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Bookshelf - Galactosemia

Learn even more about the genetics of Galactosemia at NCBI Bookshelf / GeneReviews