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Baby’s First Test is the nation's educational resource center for newborn screening. It informs and empowers families and healthcare providers throughout the newborn screening experience. By increasing awareness, Baby’s First Test offers millions of newborns and their families a chance at a healthy start.

Fashion photographer focuses on those with genetic disorders to reframe beauty

Rick Guidotti, fashion photographer now devoted to photographing individuals who have genetic conditions, was interviewed for NBC's Rock Center in June 2013. Click here to see the interview (scroll down to see more photographs). 

"Rick Guidotti's life has been all about beauty and the power of images.  He spent years as a fashion photographer in Milan, Paris, and New York. But 15 years ago, while photographing a woman with Albinism, Guidotti was shocked by images in medical textbooks. Those medical pictures changed his life and ever since Guidotti has devoted his talent to the disabled." 

To see more of his work, visit Positive Exposure: the Spirit of Difference. His TED talk is amazing.

Disease InfoSearch

Disease InfoSearch provides information about diseases and their related support and advocacy networks. It began as a feature of Genetic Alliance's website, and this expansion improves both navigation and the number of information sources included. The site's goal is to serve as a credible resource for people to learn more about the signs and symptoms of conditions, the latest research, and how to access support.


GeneTests is a publicly funded medical genetics information resource by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Each of the conditions in the GEMSS website links to the corresponding page on the NCBI Bookshelf.

Family Health History

Family health history is important to your health.  It is a collection of information about diseases that run in your family, as well as information about the lifestyle (e.g., eating habits, activities, etc.) and environment that your family shares. Knowing about diseases that run in your family can help you make healthy choices to prevent or lower your disease risk.

National Center for Medical Home Implementation

National Center for Medical Home Implementation
A family-centered medical home is not a building, house, hospital, or home healthcare service, but rather an approach to providing comprehensive primary care.